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About us

The International Design Business Management (IDBM) Program is a joint teaching and research platform of the Aalto University’s schools of business, design and technology. The aim of the IDBM Program is to develop world-class expertise in global design business management through multidisciplinary research and learning. The program aims to train skilled professionals for key roles in the global design business by emphasizing the importance of design as a competitive factor, linked with state-of-the-art technology and business models. IDBM is offered as a masters and minor program.

The key offering of the IDBM Program is a unique combination of innovative theoretical and practical teaching methods that provide students with relevant skills and innovative problem solving techniques. Arising from the needs of the industry, this program gives future marketers, engineers and designers an opportunity to develop systemic skills through cooperative industry projects and specialized courses. The program builds on the business, design or technology knowledge and competence achieved at previous studies, enabling students to make full use of their own potential as members of interdisciplinary teams, often through project-based work.