Admission period:

15 December 2014 - 30 January 2015

About IDBM:

The International Design Business Management (IDBM) program is a joint offering between the Aalto University Schools of Art and Design, Science, and Business. Since 1995, it has delivered world-class multidisciplinary and systemic research and learning in global business development through design and technology. The aim is educate global producers and leaders of innovation in new product, service and business development. The program builds on the premise that new wealth, meaningful social innovation and solutions are increasingly created in the spaces between disciplines and thus there is a need to educate interdisciplinary professionals.

The core offering of the program includes an eight - month long learning-by-doing (embedding both practice and project based learning) industry project with a real-life business enterprise setting, with small (4-5 student) multidisciplinary teams that are balanced in terms of business, design and engineering students, coached by multidisciplinary faculty and expert industry tutors. The student teams develop new products, services and business concepts for the IDBM industry partners.

IDBM is offered as a master and a minor program.

All master students from the three tracks (Arts, Technology, Business) will study the same compulsory IDBM courses during the first year of studies. At the core of the program is the industry project, lasting a full academic year, where multidisciplinary student teams work together on real-life challenges provided by industry partners.

Year 1

Industry project (15 ects)

Creative Teamwork (5ects)

International Design business Management (5ects)

Business Modelling and Management (5ects)

Creative Leadership (5ects)

Innovation and Project Management (5ects)

Interdisciplinary Product Development (5ects)

Brand Dynamics and Design (5ects)

Year 2

Master’s thesis (30ects)

School specific master studies (20ects)*
*School specific requirements depending on the master degree (ARTS/SCI/BIZ)

Elective studies/Minor study/Exchange studies (20ects)**
**Free choice of studies from any of the Aalto schools regardless of the master degree study track. Language studies, internships, minor studies and exchange studies can also be included here.

Students studying IDBM Master’s degree are expected to commit to full-time studies especially during the first year of the master’s degree.


Minor studies in IDBM consists of the Industry project (15ects) and two compulsory courses from the first year (5ects each). For the academic year of 2014-2015 the compulsory courses for minor students are Creative Teamwork & International Design Business Management.

Admission period:

15 December 2014 - 30 January 2015

The admission to Master’s Degree Program in International Design Business Management is done through three tracks depending on the targeted degree of the applicant. Applicants are expected to evaluate and assess the most suitable and eligible track before applying, based on their background (bachelor’s) degree.

Postal address:
Aalto University School of Business
P. O. Box 21230
FI-00076 AALTO

Visiting address:
Lapuankatu 2
00100 Helsinki

IDBM Program Director
Mikko Koria
Tel. (+358 40) 353 8343

IDBM Program Coordinator
Anna-Mari Saari
Mobile (+358) 40 353 8333

IDBM Program Assistant
Ines Vaittinen
Mobile (+358) 50 5277 374

Study Coordinator at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Naoko Nakagawa
Department of Design, Arabia campus
Tel. (+358) 50 3613928

Study Coordinator at the School of Science
Kirsi Polvinen
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Otaniemi campus
Mobile: 358 50 571 5678

Study Coordinator at the School of Business
Hanne Kauppila
Mobile (+358) 50 3667 355